Hi fiends, my name is Wesley Stagg. I grew up in beautiful state of Michigan. Singing has always been a part of my life and a close desire to my heart. Every lyric, beat, and melody tells a story. The story i wish to tell is one of hope, love, kindness, and joy. When we know where our worth comes from, we stop searching for it in the world. This is a daily battle, surrendering all we have to a God who is far greater and stronger than we ever could be. The day I released my first single, Why Don't We Pray, was a scary one. If i'm being honest, I didn't know how people would react to the song. Since then, I've released Blueprint, Ink On My Skin, Words, and I See Through. These songs have reached thousands of people and have been the cry on my heart for the past few years. My hope is that people will realize how much God loves them and deeply longs to be close to them. They also remind us that we are all human and have a duty to be lights to a fallen world. Thanks so much for listening to them and being a part of my journey. You are all in my prayers! Keep being the people God called you to be!

- Wesley Stagg